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We take the complexity and hassle out of managing your supply chain. LI Group offers a full-service end-to-end solution for any size project you need completed. We pride ourselves on our superior quality and professionalism. 

Save time and money working with LI Group.

At LI Group we are committed to providing the highest standards of quality, service, and integrity. We are on a mission to help our customers achieve their goals and we pride ourselves in providing the absolute best results. 

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What Our Customers are Saying

"My company has used LI Group for installation and logistics for a variety of project and applications for over a decade. Being able to utilize a single-turn-key vendor for both logistics and installation services, has proven extremely successful for smooth and on-time program roll-outs. LI Group has been extremely reliable and valued partner."
Bill N.
Acrylic Design
"In working with LI Group, US Cellular and its construction/design/facilities/real estate arms were looking for a long term relationship that could offer a soup to nuts solution to our varied retail needs. This included minor construction and maintenance from our facilities group all the way up to and including full store remodel rollouts spanning hundreds of locations across the entire United States. What we received was a company truly invested in our success as well as theirs; a partner. One that was willing to look at the big picture, and the end game and ride with the ever changing retail landscape. We brought LI group in at a pivotal point in our retail evolution and through their ability to cost-effectively manage large-scale projects with varying scopes and schedules we have transformed nearly 1,000 of our retail spaces. We truly appreciate all that LI Group has done four our business, and all that they continue to do."
Brian C.
US Cellular Construction & Design Manager
"LI Group was able to provide a better solution and an integrated approach to an outdated process we were previously using. This method has brought continued improvements and efficiency to the program from start to finish. Additionally, the collaborative relationship sets the stage for any current or future needs, ultimately strategic solutions for cost savings, vendor management and enhanced reporting. The team at LI Group works hard to add value, while constant learning and working together to uncover new opportunities and improve along the way."
Marissa G.
Life Time Corporation Procurement Project Manager
"LI Group did a great job on the Samsung FlexWash project! Shipping and Installing with one vendor went really well and any issues at the locations were cleaned up incredibly quick. Keep up the good work and I look forward to doing more projects with your team"
Jeff S.
Samsung Development Team Lead
"On program 1 due to time constraint we used the vendor's logistics company. This created an enormous amount of miscommunication, aborts and phone calls. Program 2 when we were able to use LI Group for the full solution we operated at 99% efficiencies. There was zero go backs, change orders and minimal phone calls. This is why we use LI Group for their full supply chain solution,"
Michael K.
Former VP of Samsung