Every Item, Every Detail, Every Time

At LI Group, our warehouse goes beyond the conventional. It’s not just space; it’s a strategic partner in the success stories we write together with our clients. LI Group consolidates materials, builds site specific shipments, and coordinates delivery to sites according to timelines created in the scope of work. Welcome to a warehouse that understands your needs, anticipates your challenges, and propels you towards unparalleled success. With us, you can know exactly where every one of your pieces is, at any given time. 

Location and Size: 155,000 square feet, 16,000+ pallet locations, oversized storage, floor space, nearby FedEx Ground Terminal

Security and Stability: 24/7 security system with backup generators ensuring uninterrupted service

Services: inventory management, vendor management, consolidation, fulfillment, inbound, outbound, devanning 

Technology-Driven Efficiency: Pallet License Plating technology offers detailed control and extreme visibility over thousands of SKUs and millions of pieces for multiple clients 

Warehouse Management Systems integrated with our Transportation Management System